Our summer clothes for women are designed in Greece, on the island of Paros, by Katerina McKillen.

Each piece has a unique, handmade print and boasts perfect fit.

Every season, Katerina is looking for the most perfect prints and quality materials. The prints give her inspiration for her designs.
Light and airy, Voila Summer Fashion brings out the beauty and sensuality in every woman.

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Our fashion design business is run by Katerina McKillen and supported by her whole family. With a Greek-Scottish origin, Katerina moved to Paros in 2000, when she fell in love with the Greek Islands and a local handsome man, her husband! Katerina got inspired by the simple beauty and quiet extravaganza of the Cyclades and of the Aegean Sea - sometimes calm like the sea in June, other times rough like the north winds, but always amazingly beautiful. These are the qualities embodied in her designs. Voila’s clothes bring out the femininity in every woman with their distinct flowy and slim style, adorned with beautiful prints.

At Voila, we believe that each piece in a lady’s wardrobe should be worn all day and night, and thus most of our clothes are suitable for (almost!) every occasion: morning shopping, beach time, pool parties, nights out and formal events.

Our latest collections are made out of top quality rayon. Rayon is a lovely material to work with, a blend of cotton, wood pulp and other natural materials. It’s comfortable and cool - ideal for summer outfits. Washed easily without the need of ironing, it’s the perfect fabric for a travel wardrobe to accompany you in your summer holidays, anywhere in the world.

Voila is a conscientious business.

Our brand is made between two cultures that come together to create our designs & bring our collections to life.

Our goal is to contribute and support local communities, throughout all stages of our clothes production.

In our design studio in Bali, Indonesia, we gather our support team of experienced local craftsmen: coloring men, tie dying experts and skillful tailors/seamstresses.

Tie dye is a traditional coloring method of Bali, nearly forgotten by now. When we first started working with this pattern, we had to look hard to find authentic tie dyers, who follow the traditional practices.

Both printing and tie dying are passed on from generation to generation in Bali. So we are always excited to meet up with our team once a year, and see this long and loving history depicted in each piece of our clothing.

Based on the sketches of Katerina, the prints are designed and hand-printed piece by piece on rolls of carefully selected rayon -no machine is used. Textile printing and tie dyeing takes place in local workshops with bamboo roofs and straw doors, so we also get the chance to spend long hours close to nature. You can feel this subtleness of the handmade aspect once you try on Voila’s garments.
After printing, we distribute our rolls of textiles to small, family run stitching "studios" - where local housewives and elder men hand-sew each piece.
Tie dyeing is made on the ready piece of clothing, which makes it even more unique.

Coming back to Greece and our home town in Paros, we work with local professionals throughout our selling process.

Our shops’ assistants live on the island and most grew up around the neighborhood. The interior designers, graphic designers, technicians - all live nearby our shops. Even this very eshop is a local project by Paros-based web designers, content marketeers and photographers, who can best depict the carefree and stylish Greek Island vibe.

Our collaborators always pass by our shops to chat and discuss ideas on our Voila brand. We also share and exchange ideas on new items for the next season with our family and staff -the people who are in everyday contact with our clothes and clients.

Our clothes-making process is fresh and lively, full of passion and with happy vibes. And this is what we want depicted in every piece of clothing you purchase from Voila Summer Fashion!

Our Shops :
• Voila Parikia: Old Market, Gravari st. 10b. Tel. +30 22840 2634
• Voila Naoussa: Old Town, 'Santé' Square. Tel. +30 22840 51370
Paros Island Greece, 84400

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